10 Style Questions with Bridal Designer Rita Vinieris

10 Style Questions with Bridal Designer Rita Vinieris

Rita Vinieris has a surprise for brides – the debut of the new Ady style – based on the incredible popularity of the Adeline gown from the Alyne Collection, read the Q&A below from the designer herself, with advice for brides this season!

What are Post-Pandemic brides looking for most?

Uniqueness in tradition. Finding a harmonious balance of traditional silhouettes with a unique contemporary twist.

Advice to newly engaged women when shopping for gowns?

Go with your instinct and your personal style. Don’t let your entourage sway you. You know yourself best!

3-D floral lace, sheaths, classic paired down styling, frothy ballgowns

Architectural lines, minimalist gowns with movement, romantic silhouettes combined with textural lace.

What is a MUST-HAVE wedding day accessory that a smart bride can’t forget?

A hand-crafted veil and shoes that will carry you throughout your day.

What should you expect to pay for your wedding gown? Luxury vs. Budget?

Luxury wedding gown range from $4500 – $12000. With an average of $7500. Budget wedding gown average is $3000.

Favorite bridal fabrics and why?

Fluid crepes that envelop the body. Textural laces for fluid sheaths and airy voluminous ballgowns. Silk satins with a buttery feel for architectural minimalist gowns with draped details

Ceremony + Reception dresses…should there be two?

Why not! I love the option of having a dress that can convert from a ceremony dress to a reception dress. If you do choose two gowns, I would recommend wearing your ceremony dress long enough to enjoy it before switching over to your reception dress.

What are some wedding style Do’s and Don’ts?

Do’s —Be YOU! This is your special day, add your own personalized touches from head to toe that makes you feel your most beautiful.

Don’t –Don’t be too trendy on your wedding day. Your pictures will be with you for the rest of your life.

Last-Minute Weddings: Can you get an RV dress in a rush?

Don’t be a Last-minute.com bride, plan ahead. Give yourself enough time so you alleviate any unnecessary stress. Rush options are available but are more challenging due to the world’s current status.


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