Arizona Love Apparel ~ Spreading Love and Not Hate

Arizona Love Apparel ~ Spreading Love and Not Hate

For most of us, Arizona is our home! From the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Flagstaff's pine trees, or the Sonoran Desert cacti, Arizona is one of the country's most ecologically diverse and stunning states.

So why not showcase and represent a brand that celebrates the beauty of this wild terrain? 

That’s where Joseph Wolde comes into play, and his apparel line entitled Arizona Love! Wolde always had a passion for fashion, and after years in the Army, Joseph desired to establish a brand that delivered a message. 

I love this state and being outdoors, but unfortunately, I know what it’s like not to feel welcomed in certain situations or experience hate for no reason. That’s where I came up with the idea to celebrate the ecological and cultural diversity in our state's borders. My brand celebrates love and acceptance because society has no room for hate!

- Joseph Wolde, Designer of Arizona Love

But the goal for Arizona Love isn’t just to create apparel but to impact the lives of others in our local community. Joseph’s goal is to use the funds from his collections to build low-income housing for those in need. He already has an “Arizona Love” AIRBnb in Central Phoenix!

Plus, establishing an Arizona Love state-approved license plate with 100% of the proceeds distributed to several nonprofit organizations in the state. 

Currently, Arizona Love consists of hats, shirts, hoodies, and custom jackets for both men and women! Support local designers and show some love to this fantastic brand actively trying to make our local communities safer, affordable, and inclusive! 

Mel.Media wants to thank Joseph Wolde for his time, and we are so excited to see the growth of your apparel and philanthropic work. 

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