AZFW ~ The Mel.Media Arizona Fashion Week Recap

AZFW ~ The Mel.Media Arizona Fashion Week Recap

For those who missed this year's newest fashion extravaganza, Arizona Fashion Week (AZFW), let us say you missed out on a week of fun and fierceness. The week included immersive runways, fashion-infused events, and access to the Fashion House Hub at a Parsons Villas Penthouse, which was open throughout the week to gather and socialize!
To begin, elegant dinners, parties, and designer meet and greets kicked off the week.

The team of AZFW took it back to the iconic Studio 54 in New York City for their Fashion Icons Party!

The glitz and glamour were everywhere, and they sure knew how to throw a party. Yoga Democracy hosted its "Brand Party" at the gorgeous 50 Shades of Rose in Scottsdale. Yoga Democracys' Brand Party attendees got an up-close experience with the brands' athleisure collections by showcasing their eco-friendly line of activewear made out of recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets.

Then came the runways. Up first was Christine Adar, who hosted her runway at Chandlers Chateau de Vie. For over 12 years, Christine Adar has designed glamorous red-carpet gowns and elegant bridal wear for select clientele.

Christine Adar Designs is best known for showcasing luxurious fabrics, sleek fit, and hints of sensuality.
Christine Adar's designs are not sketched on paper. Instead, each textile is hand-selected, then pinned and draped according to the unique voice of each individual fabric, allowing it to speak for itself.

With Chateau de Vie as her backdrop, the show was one for the Arizona history books! The Chateau de Vie is an exquisite luxury estate featuring a majestic mansion, a glittering lake, and babbling streams. Lush greenery surrounds the beautiful 10-acre property.

The swimming pool, lake house, and chef's kitchen are just a few of the Chateau's countless luxuries. This breathtaking 15,000-square-foot home offers an elegant escape within the busy city. That wasn't the end of this fashion-forward week.

Photography by Chriss Lay Media, Jeff Otto Creative, and High Tier Photography

The following days hosted several runway shows and immersive photoshoot events, leading up to the "Collection of the Year" show at the PHX Art Museum! Five stylists competed to showcase their talents on the runway, including Lamark Cole, Hannah-Grace Christine Abrigg, Franchela Franco, Colleen Quinn, and the House of Donaldson.

Only three will be chosen to compete on the final runway at this year's Barrett-Jackson Car Auction 2023! We will keep you all updated on who will be this year's "Collection of the Year!"

Thank you, AZFW and your team, for allowing Mel.Media to be a part of your growth! We cannot wait to see what you do next.

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