Beat the Heat with these Summer Hair Care Tips from Michelle Anderson

Beat the Heat with these Summer Hair Care Tips from Michelle Anderson

During the summer months, the sun has a way of being less than kind to our hair. If not properly cared for, your hair can become dry, brittle and even start to break. If maintaining healthy hair is important to you, we have solutions for keeping your hair beautiful and healthy all summer long.

Michelle Anderson, owner of MichelleAndHair Salon and Hair Extensions in Tempe, Arizona, gives us 5 tips for protecting your mane.

First off, hydrate! 

As you know, it is super important to stay hydrated, especially in the hot, dry summer months.  A great way to make sure that you and your hair are well hydrated is to drink as much water as you can. If possible, try and drink a gallon of water per day. This keeps your hair hydrated from within.

Just as much as you’re hydrating the inside of your body, your hair needs that extra exterior care as well!

It is imperative that, during the summer months, you are only using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners on your crown.

Reduce the heat! It’s already super hot outside.

Take a break from using blow dryers, flat irons and other hot tools on your hair so often during the summer months. This will help keep your hair strong and healthy, instead of fried and brittle.

Get a trim!

Believe it or not, your hair really does grow faster in the summer. Take a little off the ends and keep them looking nice and healthy, to avoid breakage.

Use leave-in conditioners!

Again, hot summer months can be brutal to your hair.  Leave-in conditioners ensure that your hair is moisturized and protected all day. This is another easy way to keep your hair hydrated and protected.

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