Chic Chef 77 ~ The First Black-Owned Wine Bar in Arizona

Chic Chef 77 ~ The First Black-Owned Wine Bar in Arizona

Meet Celebrity chef Nik Fields and her newly opened ‘Chic Chef 77’ in Tempe.  The Bistro and Wine Bar has an emphasis on wine (obviously) and the food selection will be a focal point at the location once you take a seat.

Don’t be surprised by the menu items! Fields made sure there was an homage to New York by including references, songs, and places in the menu, like the cocktail named ‘Yonkers.’

"The East Valley wine & bistro is set to have a “200-bottle wine list and rotating selection of by-the-glass pours."

Fields hopes to diversify the guests’ wine selection at her location.

There’s so many wine producers, like woman-owned and a lot of black-owned wine companies that just don’t get to be serviced but they actually do deserve to [be]serviced but are overshadowed by the bigger brands. So we want to bring all of that into Chic Chef.

- Nik Fields, owner of Chic Chef 77

The place also has a whimsical and fun cocktail selection. Some of the staple items on the menu include the Chelsea [mussels in a white wine lemon garlic butter sauce] and the La di-da’s [deviled eggs with grilled Cajun shrimp]. You can click here to see the full menu.

On selected nights, guests will have the opportunity to try dishes from other chefs, diversifying the menu and highlighting the wines at Chic Chef 77.

Once a month we’re going to have a chef within the Valley or even a chef from a different state- they’re going to come in and do a prix-fixe dinner for the weekend.

The chefs will be selected based on the seasons, based on what they like to cook, but also the wine that we’re going to be highlighting that particular month.

-  Nik Fields, owner of Chic Chef 77

For more information ono Chic Chef 77, visit their website at
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