Dr. James Mallory, Jr, DMD of Dentists of Scottsdale ~ Making Your Teeth Shine Brighter than Diamonds

Dr. James Mallory, Jr, DMD of Dentists of Scottsdale ~ Making Your Teeth Shine Brighter than Diamonds

Everyone loves the story of someone who came from nothing and rose above their challenges to become incredibly successful!

For Dr. James B Mallory, Jr, DMD and owner of Dentists of Scottsdale, growing up impoverished motivated him to help others and establish one of the top dental practices here in the Valley, if not the state.

From regular dental cleanings and maintenance to complete smile makeovers, Dr. Mallory and the Dentists of Scottsdale team can transform your smile from drab to fab!

But doctors and medical practitioners are human, and it’s great to showcase their passion and discover “why” they chose to do what they do. As well as getting some great tips and tricks for top medical industry professionals that can impact our daily routines! 

So, Dr. Mallory, what is your favorite aspect of this industry?

I love the science, art, and humanity required to be a dentist. Each day you are acting as a psychologist, an engineer, an artist, a clinician, and a scientist. After all that, you’re still the CEO of a business. We have only a few minutes to build a relationship of trust with a valued patient.

From there, it’s up to me to use our cutting-edge technology, advanced training, talented support staff, and pleasant bedside manner to provide long-lasting quality dentistry on the same day!

The answer is simply the tremendous smile a patient has as they leave the office.

Does your office only provide dental procedures, or do you provide orthodontics, braces, etc.?

Because of our advanced technology and training, we can provide comprehensive same-day dental care for most patients. From straightforward procedures like same-day crowns, veneers, and smile makeovers to FastBraces® Technology.

To more complicated implant services like wisdom teeth endodontics and sleep dentistry. Overall, we can provide the full scope of affordable dentistry for you and your family.

We noticed you provide quality but affordable services for those on a tight budget. Can you tell us more about the Dentists of Scottsdale $99 Special?

Only a handful of individuals have dental insurance. So, we offer our new patients an opportunity to have a full exam and x-rays and have their teeth cleaned by award-winning top professionals in the industry.

What other practices would charge several hundred dollars, we only charge $99 so more people can access affordable but top-notch dental care.

Why is it crucial to take care of our teeth and gums?

Your mouth is both a window and a conduit, making it crucial to care for our teeth and gums. We can look through our mouths’ proverbial “window” to understand our overall health.

Systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorder, cancers, STDs, and other systemic diseases manifest in the mouth. Should they be present, your healthcare provider should be able to identify these problems.
Just as your mouth is a window, gums and teeth provide a conduit or pathway for bacteria to make their way into your body.

Bacteria create inflammation or, more simply, bleeding gums. Bleeding gums give virulent bacteria direct access to your bloodstream, the highway system within your body.

Therefore, we can link periodontal disease to systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, impudence, and, most recently, Alzheimer’s.

One question is that when we go into a grocery store to buy toothpaste, there are hundreds of options. Is there any particular brand you recommend or ingredients in the toothpaste we should look for? Any ingredients to avoid?

When shopping for toothpaste, it’s important to note the American Dental Association or ADA symbol somewhere on the product. I trust that if the ADA backs the product, it most likely has healthy ingredients.

For example, you wouldn’t want products that have sugar in them. Whichever method or product you choose should aid you in reducing bacteria in and around your gums, teeth, tongue, and cheeks.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to patients on maintaining good dental hygiene?

Find a great hygienist, see them regularly, and bring them snacks!

For more information on the Dentists of Scottsdale, their procedures, or to book your next appointment, please visit www.dentistsofscottsdale.com! 

As patients of Dr. James Mallory, Jr, DMD, the team here at Mel.Media promises you won't find more caring and engaging dental professionals than the Dentists of Scottsdale!

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