Karolina Adams – Local Phoenix Artist Releases New Coffee Table Art Book

Karolina Adams – Local Phoenix Artist Releases New Coffee Table Art Book

Karolina Adams has announced the release of her coffee table art book titled, “Nope, Nope Nuh-Uh: The art of purging emotions”

The book houses a collection of Adams’ artwork, which showcases her thoughts, emotions, and reactions to life’s challenges and triumphs, with relatable insight that may give viewers a better understanding of their own inner psychology.

Adams is a Phoenix artist working in ink and graphite. Adams illustrates life from within her head with a Quirky style and a touch of sophistication, which mirrors her playful character with a serious core.

Art has always been a part of Adams’ life, but it has come and gone in spurts. Creating art was put on a shelf for a few years while Adams worked full-time in interior architecture.

She studied interior architecture at Columbia College in Chicago, IL, graduated with a B.F.A., and entered the industry. A few years later, she discovered that mundane space planning and the office atmosphere were too rigid for her change-craving spirit.

Adams quit her interior architecture job and went back to art full-time.

In 2012, synchronicity took hold. Adams found her sketchbook from college, was encouraged to submit the drawings to a gallery, and was accepted as a permanent artist.

Adams was with the gallery for 5 years. Afterward, other galleries expressed interest in representing her work. Adams has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Illinois.

Her work can be found in public installations and private collections throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

I’m attached to each piece until I work through the emotion. Once the emotion dissipates, I disconnect. It’s not a conscious decision. It happens naturally. Purging in this way is like a therapy session to me.
There is a release once the emotion pours out onto paper, which is exactly what I want. Then I share which peace I want to share with the public. That can be difficult, although I’m fearless about sharing even my darkest stories. - Karolina Adams


The book is available for purchases online at KarolinaAdams.com.


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