Meet Ashlyne Teixeira ~ Certified Hair Extension Specialist and Stylist

Meet Ashlyne Teixeira ~ Certified Hair Extension Specialist and Stylist

Like all creative minds, we crave interesting, innovative, and hands-on occupations that allow us to start with an idea and conceptualize it into reality.

This craving for creative outlets is the same with Ashlyne Teixeira, who, after a brief stint at Arizona State University, felt like the traditional college route was simply not for her.

After much debate, she decided to drop out of college and enroll in the Penrose Academy here in Phoenix.

With years of experience and extensive certifications to become a hair extension specialist, Ashlyne has become one of the most in-demand hair stylists.

Get to know the fierce and fabulous Ashylne in our Mel.Media exclusive interview below!

Hey Ashylne, do you have any specific training, certifications, or cosmetology school experience you could share with me?

After receiving my cosmetology license from the Penrose Academy, I've taken several TONI&GUY cutting courses, Waterfall Beaded Row Extension Method certificates, and I'm a licensed lash tech!

What is your favorite aspect of being in this industry?

My favorite aspect of this industry is endless creativity. I love meeting people with similar creative brains like myself, yet we are all so different.

My brain has always worked differently than most people I grew up around, and talking with people who share interests is inspiring.

Have you been noticing any recent hair trends for 2023?

I see shags, layers, and shorter styles like bobs flowing into 2023!

Are there any favorite products you have been obsessing over lately?

My favorite products right now for everyday styling would have to be IGK Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep aerosol spray and Moroccan Oil Texture Spray!

What would you say separates you from other hair stylists and/or the competition?

Behind the chair, I am a hair extension specialist. Many people don't realize that you do not have to be a licensed cosmetologist to install hair extensions. As a licensed professional, I am focused on hair extensions and how to achieve seamless looks for all.

Regarding extension work, I will continue to educate myself and work with methods that best suit my client's hair integrity.

Where can people book your services?

I am currently located in Twenty Two Eleven Salon in Scottsdale. My salon work (extension) is an outlet of detail.

I am starting to pick up events and shoots to express my creative side. I love art, and being able to look at hair as art is highly motivating to create.

People can find me on social media, Instagram @ashxlyne. For other inquiries, please email

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