Meet Brandon Loupos: World Champion BMX Cyclist and Latest Addition to the Mel.Media Family

Meet Brandon Loupos: World Champion BMX Cyclist and Latest Addition to the Mel.Media Family

Brandon Loupos is one of the top Freestyle BMX riders coming out of Australia and is usually 1 of 3 standing on the podium at any given contest.

As one of the most talented and, without a doubt, one the hardest working athletes in the field, it is an honor welcoming him to the Mel.Media family! Brandon hung out with us to chat about his favorite aspects of cycling and introduce himself to our audience!

What's your favorite aspect about cycling in general? 

There's so much to choose from but if I had to choose one, my favorite would be that you can be expressive and be a bit out there with your style. It's rad to be yourself and show it loud and proud!

Tell me a little bit about your awards and accomplishments:

I've been a World Champion, two-time X Games medalist, 5x World Cup winner, and a National Champion of my country (Australia).

Out of those awards, which has been the highlight of your career so far? 

Becoming world champion, that was insane. For an entire year, being able to say, "I'm one of the best in the whole BMX cycling community across the globe," was insane. 

Who are some of your idols in the BMX world? Why? 

Dave Mirra influenced me to be a pro boxer. But I also took influence from Jamie Bestwick, Kyle Baldock, Harry Main, Ryan Guettler, Daniel Dhers, Chase Hawk, and Dennis Enerson, to name a few. And I liked them all for their individuality and how they rode bikes. They're all incredible.

What made you decide to come to join Mel.Media?

I like working with like-minded people whom I vibe with, and working with Mel is nothing less than a total vibe. She's awesome 

We want to say a special thank you to Brandon Loupos. Welcome to the Mel.Media family/ Keep crushing it; we can't wait to see what trophy you will take home next. 

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