Meet Torey Varner of NuBella Med Spa ~ The Aesthetic Nurse Injector You Need To Know

Meet Torey Varner of NuBella Med Spa ~ The Aesthetic Nurse Injector You Need To Know

Meet Torey Varner, an Aesthetic Nurse Injector passionate about providing quality and personalized facial cosmetic procedures that guarantee long-lasting results!

In her home state of Ohio, Varner went to school, got her Registered Nurse License, and moved across the country to Arizona to gain experience specializing as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

Though like many of us who "think" we have our life plan figured out but have a random life experience switch our career paths entirely. Varner found a new passion here in Arizona.

After a routine Botox injectables consultation after moving out West, she knew she had to learn more about the science of injectables and other facial aesthetic procedures!

I am a big science nerd, so I love the blend of evidence-based data and aesthetic outcomes. Finding your passion is essential; mine is educating myself to be the best provider for my patients.

- Torey Varner, NuBella Med Spa Aesthetic Nurse Injector.


With hours of extensive training, attending aesthetic conferences, cadaver labs, and continuing her education annually to provide ethical and safe treatment plans, Torey Varner will soon become one of the Valley’s top Med Spa Aesthetic Nurse Injectors.

Luckily, this busy bee had some time to sit down with Mel.Media and give us some more insight into her thriving career.

Hi Torey, where can individuals book you for a consultation, and what services do you offer?

I work at NuBella Med Spa, located in Scottsdale. We are a full-service med spa providing various services such as Botox, dermal fillers, Kybella, Sculptra, micro-needling, PRP, chemical peels, Lumecca (IPL photo facial), Morpheus, and medical-grade skin care.

What’s your favorite aspect of working in injectables and facial cosmetics?

It is a unique industry constantly evolving with new products, procedures, techniques, modalities, etc. Every year and every day is different, so it always keeps you on your toes!

Plus, I love working with people and LISTENING to my patients. My goal is to provide a safe space for patients to express their desires and feel heard. I value educating my patients with the common goal of creating natural, long-lasting results.

What are some of the latest facial cosmetic trends you have been noticing?

There isn’t necessarily one “trend,” but I have seen a lot of unnatural results. It pains me to see this because it gives our industry a bad reputation.

Just because your friend or favorite TikTok influencer got something done does not mean it is a good treatment for you! It is essential to go to a provider you trust that is educated and has your best interest in mind.

Be picky and ask questions!

Any tips or tricks you can give our audience for maintaining their facial cosmetics or skincare?

Consultation is key. I provide a comprehensive treatment plan for my patients that we can implement at any rate. We discuss goals, medical history, previous treatments, and everything to create a long-term strategy that produces results.

Consistency is crucial; aging never stops, so we must take care of our skin and self appropriately!

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, so finding a provider whom you trust can create a long-lasting relationship.

We thank Torey Varner for taking time out of her day to sit down for this interview! We can’t wait to see you grow and wish you nothing but success.

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