Pacific Heritage Boutique ~ Bringing Your Closets the Peace and Comfort of the Pacific Northwest

Pacific Heritage Boutique ~ Bringing Your Closets the Peace and Comfort of the Pacific Northwest

Jessie West was born and raised in a small town called Eureka in the Pacific North West. She has lived in five different states, settling in Arizona in 2014. After completing her Master of Business degree at Boston College in 2008, Jessie began a career in finance. 
As one of the few women in the industry at the time, she learned perseverance and discipline and worked to become the Vice President of a Private Equity company where she still works today!

Jessie’s boutique was a long-time dream, and in 2019-2021, she took the first couple steps when she partnered with her best friend in a salon, turning the front area into a small boutique. She loved the sensation of making everyone feel beautiful and uplifting their spirits.

Shortly after she left that company, she rebranded to start her own business and opened what is now Pacific Heritage Boutique! 

Pacific Heritage is a brand that was created to encompass the feel of the Pacific Northwest and encapsulate the feeling you get when you’re at peace, somewhere on a beach with the waves bathing your feet and the sunshine and fresh air shining on your soul. 

The boutique carries men's and women’s clothing and shoes of all sizes and styles, from a casual run to the grocery store to a hot night out on the town. Its vibe includes all races, sizes, and genders; they strive to exude positivity and tranquility and has every customer feel uplifted as though their day will be the best day they can have! 

What’s excellent is Pacific Heritage Boutique sells at varying price points, from casual t-shirts to high-end dresses and jackets! They are high quality but affordable, with prices ranging on average from $30-$300. 

The Mel.Media team wants to thank Jessie and her team at Pacific Heritage Boutique for taking the time to be featured by yours truly! We can’t wait to shop till we drop. 

For more information on Pacific Heritage Boutique, please visit their website Or follow the boutique on Instagram

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