Pinch Your Lashes to Perfection with Lashed by Charlene

Pinch Your Lashes to Perfection with Lashed by Charlene

Meet Charlene Provecal of "Lashed by Charlene," one of Arizona's leading lash specialists, professional permanent makeup artists, and licensed cosmetologists!

As a Mel.Media favorite and personal go-to for Mel herself, we had to shine a spotlight on her fabulous work and career here in the Valley.

Take it from us. Charlene will have those royal boss mink lashes commanding attention with every wink! So get to know her, and find out how to get those boss lady lash extensions from the Queen herself.

Hey Charlene, tell me a little about yourself and how you got into the beauty industry?

So growing up, I was always interested in the latest trends. Whether it was fashion, hair, or makeup, I always kept up with what was "in." I knew after high school I wanted to attend cosmetology school, but my parents weren't very supportive of my ambitions at that time and thought it was best I go to college and get a degree.

After a year and a half of community college, I knew I was only wasting time and stalling from finding my true passion. In 2016 I enrolled at Paul Mitchell, the School of Cosmetology.

I graduated in 2017 and began my journey in the beauty industry. I started off doing freelance makeup, then hair at a few salons, but in 2017, I ultimately decided to try lash extensions and immediately fell in love with the craft.

Besides lashes, do you provide any other services to clients?

Yes, I'm also a lash educator and a permanent makeup artist.

Why do you love this industry, and what makes you so passionate about it that you decided to make this your career?

I genuinely enjoy meeting new women from different spectrums of life and providing a service that gives instant gratification. As women, we hold so many different roles and sometimes lose ourselves going through the motions of life.

When providing a service, I'm also providing a space for my client to decompress and talk to me about their goals, experiences, and pretty much anything.

They get a therapy session and walk out looking bomb afterward! It makes me feel good knowing I can impact them in such a positive way by just listening to their stories and doing their lashes or brows.

Any tips and tricks you can tell our audience for lashes, or do you see any new trends for 2023?

Wash your lashes, ladies! Clean lashes mean better retention. Satin pillowcases also help with lash longevity for those crazy sleepers.

Do you have any particular brands of lashes or techniques you love now?

My favorite lash brand is "Royal Boss Mink" by Lashed by Charlene. It will be launching around springtime. Stay tuned!

My favorite techniques would have to be the pinching method and layering.

I've seen some lash extensions go wrong with some of my friends. Do you have any advice for someone looking to get lash extensions but who needs to know what to look out for?

I always recommend going to someone licensed cosmetologist or esthetician who has been certified in lash extensions. Also, be sure your tech is clean and sanitizes their tools!

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone entering this industry?

Stay consistent, be patient, and network as much as possible!

Where can people book you, or how can someone get in touch about services?

You can book an appointment with me on my website!

Follow me on Instagram @lashedbycharlene

Or text me at 623-570-7193.

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