Quench Naturel ~ Embrace the Nature

Quench Naturel ~ Embrace the Nature

Written by Tyler Hollis

Quench Naturel was born out of need.

“We formulate with health in mind, meaning our products not only perform the task intended, but also promote optimal function and overall health,” says Allana Taylor, Quench Naturel co-owner.

That is quite the claim, but Quench Naturel stands by it 100%. Founded by two friends, Taylor and Gina Mynatt-Galdi, Quench Naturel is in its second year of creating all-natural, clean body care products.

The pair started off as friends, connecting when Taylor’s oldest son and Mynatt-Galdi’s only daughter were in fifth grade together at a Scottsdale Montessori school.

CEO and Founder, Gina Mynatt-Galdi has lived with eczema her entire life. When her daughter experienced the same physical and emotional discomfort she was moved to action. Reviewing the ingredients in the dermatologist prescribed steroid cream for her daughter, she knew there had to be a better way.

The focus has always been to find new and different plant-based ingredients to meet their vision of what Naturel should be. Along the way, they learned about a practice called greenwashing, and the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They were appalled by the fact that the US FDA does not regulate the term “natural.”

They were horrified to learn that more than 1,400 ingredients have been banned from the face and body care products around the world; however, in the United States, only eight are banned and three are restricted.

We sat down with Allana Taylor, co-founder of Quench Naturel, to learn more about this Arizona-based all-natural skin care brand.

You’ve been around for four years? How has it been? Do you sell your product at a particular store? Or farmer’s markets?

Our company continues to grow. We started within Single Meadows, a family-owned Farm in Tempe. But now, we tend to focus on marketing through our website and social media such as YouTube and Instagram. Our approach is to develop good long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We strive to work on educating the public on their knowledge of products, ingredients, and more. By helping to educate the public, they better understand what they are putting on their bodies and in their bodies. We encourage people to read their medicine cabinets. In doing so, you will learn more about the quantity and quality of ingredients in your cupboard.

What inspires you with clients?

When a client knows about our ingredients and then the products, they “embrace nature.” Sharing health information is essential. We love to replace harmful components in products with the right ingredients. 

Other than eczema, what else do your skincare products help with?

All of our Q24 helps with fines lines, wrinkles, acne, and scars for both day and night. We also have our iconic “body souffle” that enriches the skin and locks in moisture for this dry and flaky skin.

Our toners also are amazing for detoxifying the skin and removing unwanted dirt in your pores.

We also offer all-natural teeth cleaning products that aren’t full of fluoride and bleaching chemicals. Skin is crucial, but so are your teeth!

Are all your products made here in the USA?

All products made right here in Scottsdale AZ.

I noticed you have a sale going on right now. How often do you do deals throughout the year?

So far we offer sales every other month, until we receive a larger audience!

For more information on Quench Naturel and to purchase their products, please visit: https://quenchnaturel.com/

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